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March 08, 2005

Haven't heard much recently from the anti-war Democrats.

This might be why. The war in Iraq continues to prove itself to have been worth the effort. Not only was it far from Vietnam in terms of deaths, but it also has led to a country united in fighting for its own success. How many topics garner a 93.5% favor by the people of the United States? (President George W. Bush's favor in the polls peaked at 91% shortly after September 11th, perhaps the greatest unity in the US ever). With Lebanon showing great favor towards the new democracy, and Afghanistan moving forward in its own democracy as well, the actions of the United States are working quite well. Right now, we will have to hope for similar such occurrences to happen in Saudi Arabia and, in particular, Iran. Though there are many around the world who want to see this fail, it will help everyone if the Middle East is more democratic.

Regardless of your political affiliation, these scenes should strike a cord. Here in the US, we take our republic for granted. We should be more like the people who are just now learning what democracy is; appreciative of what we have and politically responsible, particularly in voting.