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March 03, 2005

StudCo is all over, I'll move on to focusing on bigger topics, like gun control.

There are many people who are strongly anti-gun. They say that guns do nothing but hurt innocent people. They need to know more of the details of some stories, such as this one.
There are plenty of people who own guns who use them appropriately. Let's vary the situation a little.
- Gun control allows only police and military to own guns, criminal obtained it illegally - It is likely that this criminal would've killed at least a few more, including his son, in the time before the cops could show up and stop him.
- Gun control has similar rules to Britain (no guns except in the military), criminal obtained it illegally - It just gets even harder to capture the criminal. Even with bullet-proof vests, many of the police officers trying to stop him get shot to death as well, and many more citizens are dead or injured as well. He isn't taken down until he finally runs out of ammo and people are able to get close enough to restrain him.
- Now let's say that gun control works just as well as those who support it hope. The criminal is without a gun. So what does he do? He finds another weapon. A sword, knife, bat, just about anything could be used as a weapon. Likely, just as many people end up hurt or dead in this situation as really occurred.
Those who spend the time learning how to properly own and operate a gun are valuable to our society. Mark Wilson truly was a hero. He not only risked his life at that moment, but knew from the beginning that such a responsibility might arise. Eliminating the ability to own arms will do nothing but prevent men like this from owning guns, and just make criminals ready to obtain such weapons illegally.