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March 22, 2005

Quick points on Schiavo case

- President Bush has stated, right after signing the bill sending the case back to the Federal courts, "In cases like this one, where there are serious questions and substantial doubts, our society, our laws and our courts should have a presumption in favor of life." This is of the utmost importance. With no living will, Terry Schiavo officially has no stance on what to do in the case she would be in a vegetative state. Let her die, and you cannot change your mind. Unlike gun control or banning substances, there is no going back once a person has died. And though some insist that she will never return to normal, there are a number of doctors and victims of similar accidents who can attest that the opposite is true.
- Why aren't the Democrats questioning Michael Schiavo more seriously? They pride themselves on protecting those who feel they can't protect themselves, and take a very harsh stance on people who take advantage of others. Schiavo left his wife a decade ago for a new girlfriend, whom he has had two children with. Terry Schiavo's parents have offered to take full responsbility for her, so he can get a divorce from her and marry his new girlfriend. He has refused that. He has also refused Terry rehab from money earned in a case that has been left in a trust explicitly laid out for her. If she dies, this money goes to him. This hardly strikes me as actions of a caring husband.
- Democrats are accusing Republicans of taking advantage of this case politically, as a way to energize voters. Whether this is true or not, it might not be a bad thing. People should not just be allowed to die like this, and the American voters have a right to decision in this. While some have complained that the legislature has no place in this decision, the judiciary can do just about whatever they want without fear of of being ousted in the next election. This cannot continue, as the judiciary was not created to legislate.
- Pray for Terry and her family. This is a difficult situation, and it may not get any easier.

Update (1:30 AM): This rant covers much of what I have said, and more. Quite insightful, though a little rough language-wise.