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April 02, 2005

Disrespect in a rough time, but it is a time to move on.

It never ceases to amaze me how petty some people can be. Michelle Malkin reports on many different putdowns against the Pope. I wasn't going to dwell on the subject of the Pope, but she points out a number of classless acts. The New York Times, as usual, made strong anti-religion statements. The New York Press a few weeks back printed a disgusting piece about the funniest things that would come of the Pope's death (here at The Red Stater, I don't think that the death of anyone is humorous, but a tragedy. I understand the need for war in extreme situations, and the necessity of self defense, but those lives lost of criminal offenders are still lives lost). And, never to be outdone, Chris Matthews of course had to share his own viewpoint.

I do think Miss Malkin is overreacting in one place though. CBS "only" gave the news a little more than half an hour of coverage. While this death was a tragedy, I believe that the Pope might've thought it appropriate. As an avid athlete, he no doubt appreciates the love of sports that others had, but more importantly, I believe the Pope would not wish for everyone to dwell over his death. As I mentioned in my prior post, he was a humble man, and I think he would've preferred that we looked foward, rather than back.

On a more personal note, I am glad that at least one outlet is not going crazy over this news. The media overhypes so many things, and then all other outlets follows suit. The world can go without one of its media outlets duplicating the efforts of all the others. Unfortunately, this story dominates so much of the news that other important events have gone practically unnoticed: In the Red Lakes shooting, it has been found that other students were involved, a 15-year old girl refused to kiss her 21-year old boyfriend (Isn't 6 years at that age a bit too much?) and got shot for it, and Terri Schiavo, who has dominated (but not absolutely) the news the last couple weeks was cremated without her parents getting an autopsy performed by a doctor of their choice.

Again, none of these things make the death of the Pope any less distressing to so many people, but other important events are just being ignored. The basketball game may not be important in the long run, but life must go on. It is fine for the media to cover this, but it should not be so much as to overwhelm our lives and make the little things seem inconsequential.