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March 31, 2005

Sad news

Terri Schiavo has died this morning at 9:54 AM. I hope those supporting this decision are happy, because I know I'm not. Allowing her to die, nay, murdering her with little evidence that she was truly in a persistant vegitative state was wrong, and there can be no winners from this. Democrats look bad for not being more vocal in letting her live and Republicans look bad because they let the courts shove their way around with this topic. Florida Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer made a terrible judgement and will have to suffer the consequences of a huge tarnish on his name, and the Schlinder family is left devastated, and wondering what could've been done to save their daughter. As President Bush has said before, we should always "err on the side of life", because when death is chosen, there is no going back. Hopefully, stituations like this will not be allowed to happen in the future, though sadly, bad and ignorant people will likely not stop them.