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March 28, 2005

Sadly, another earthquake in the Pacific, and more shameless bashing from the Left

The BBC reports another large earthquake in the Pacific, this one an 8.7 just miles off of the coast of the Indonesian isle of Nias. Though no tsunami has occurred yet (thankfully, though there are still some fears that one may strike soon), more than 300 are believed dead and aftershocks have been hitting the area, hardly calming the people who still have the December 26th quake fresh in their memories. There will no doubt be an international outpouring of support again, a show of great humanitarianism. It is good to know that when problems arise, there are people that victims can turn to for help.

Sadly, some people, out of either naivete or anger (but certainly foolishness), decide to politicize this event. And if only that was all they were doing. Confederate Yankee reports that the DU (Democratic Underground) has started a thread blaming the earthquake on none other than President Bush.

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the DU, it is a leftist website with various stories (of course with a very liberal slant) and a message board (with a few reasonable posters, but mostly conspiracy theorists). Unlike most liberal boards which would usually just try to prove their point, the people on this board are angry and will make up theories just so they can find a way to pin the blame on conservatives, President Bush in particular. But I digress.

Taking a look at some of the posts made by the members of the DU, there were theories of nuclear testing, God expressing anger (very odd sentiment from some liberals, but not all that out there), science disproving the presence of God (amazing, both in the same thread), and even angry posters wondering why Bush didn't rush back immediately to sign a bill for aid to them (though, Congress would need to pass such a bill before the president could sign one). The members of this board hardly represent the entire Democratic party (particularly the moderate Democrats), but the more extreme elements are certainly present, even in the government. People like this unfairly lay blame on people not responsible for the ills of the world. This is politics at its worst.

This earthquake was yet another natural tragedy, but it was unavoidable, and blaming others for the disaster is counter-productive. It is times like this where unity is necessary. Everyone needs to come together in aiding the victims, not bickering over whose fault it is that it happened or that the victims don't have everything they need.