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March 24, 2005

Jerry Kilgore starts his campaign.

This morning, Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore made a stop in his campaign to Charlottesville to announce his campaign to become the next governor of Virginia. More details follow at his website. Check the last picture on the second row, it was taken with my camera. Yeah, big deal, I know, still, kind of cool to see a picture that was on my camera now on the official website for Jerry Kilgore's campaign.

I'd give more details, but I had to be up early that morning just to get there. I was a bit out of it when he spoke. I can remember though that he spoke primarily of getting better education for the students of Virginia, bringing them the best teachers and money to use towards educational tools. He also spoke against domestic violence, and reducing taxes, including the ill-conceived car tax, and increased spending and reform for transportation. Sounds good so far. It's just a shame that traitor VA Senator Potts has decided to run as an independant, but I hear that he is a liberal, so that might suggest he'll do more damage to Tim Kaine's campaign than Kilgore's, but let's hope that the (former) party association doesn't damage Kilgore's large lead over Kaine (I know, still in primaries, but there is little doubt that Kilgore and Kaine will receive the Republican and Democratic nominaitions).