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April 25, 2005

Hypocrisy #2

As hypocrisy seems to be a big problem for liberals, I will likely point out these faults when I see them. Note, I will also acknowledge when conservatives act hypocritically, because there is no excuse for them either.

John Behan over at Commonwealth Conservative analyzes a trend by Tim Kaine and his followers, namely that of thinking low of Jerry Kilgore for his southern accent. I know a number of people with southern accents, and though I usually have a bit of difficulty understanding them (more for their usual soft-spoken nature and my slight hearing impairment than their accent), I find it atrocious that others would deride Kilgore for his accent. The same people who constantly speak of their love for diversity and different backgrounds just as soon will turn against someone who is different.

John Behan writes:
...[T]here was an unstated, but obvious, undertone to those comments about my accent that made me realize that people really do think someone with a southern accent isn’t as intelligent as those sophisticates from the urban areas. Frankly, it smacked of elitism, and so I bristled each time I heard such a comment.

Tim Kaine has been trying hard to portray himself as a moderate. However, a large portion of the population of the commonwealth have or know people with similar accents, and will likely not receive Kaine's comments too well.