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April 18, 2005

The Kyoto Protocol - The biggest waste of money in human history, by far

JunkScience.com has a Kyoto calculator, which shows how much money has been spent on Kyoto and how much it is estimated that it will lower the Earth's average temperature. In just a little over two months, Kyoto has already cost more than $25 billion, but will drop the Earth's temperature by less than one thousandth of Kelvin.

It is bad enough that environmentalists believe faulty studies suggesting a warming of the Earth (rather than considering other possibilities like a cyclical change in temperature), but to also take the risk of damaging many of the world's economies as well is irresponsible.

This calculator will not change anything, as the Kyoto protocol has been in effect in many countries for a few months now, but hopefully it will be a reminder in the future to not be so fiscally irresponible.