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April 11, 2005

Howard Dean: The Left's Paradox

Howard Dean earlier this year was elected to lead the DNC, pledging to bridge the gap between the Republicans and Democrats. Democrats were esctatic, hopeful that this new leader could bring them back into power. Ironically, many Republicans were just as happy, believing that Dean would only be a detriment to the party. Who is correct?

Certainly everyone remembers Dean's famous yell. This was one of the signs that Dean's presidential run was coming to an end, making him a laughing stock.

Still, this somehow was not enough to keep him from becoming the Chair of the DNC. He wasted little time in being a "uniter" with his now infamous line "Republicans are Evil". He quickly pulled back, instead opting to downgrade Republicans to "mean". Still, the damage was done.

Recently, Dean has tried to repair his image, speaking of the Bible and gun rights. It is nice to know that he reads the Bible, and I was quite glad to learn that Job was in the New Testament, because it has only been in the Old Testament since before the Bible was first published. It was also good to know that Dean is now in favor of guns, as he favored the useless ban on assault rifles. Yet, at the same time, he claims to be a member of the "Democrat wing of the Democratic party."

So, which is it? Some might try to argue that Dean is giving it an honest shot, but I find it very unlikely that someone who calls Republicans "evil" can eliminate the partisan gap. I understand that people can make mistakes or have a slip of the tongue, but it has happened far too often for Mr. Dean. It is my opinion that he is not as sincere as he would suggest, and he is a liability for the Democrats. Keep up the good work Howard; we'll be sure to fix the mistakes that you and the left make in the coming years.