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April 06, 2005

A few links that speak for themselves.

This has been (and will be for the next few days) a very busy week, so rather than full posts to make up for the last few days, I'm just going to post a few links to some interesting events recently.

- Very long post at Right Wing News speaking against gay marriage. In a world where most arguments used against gay marriage are religious, it can be hard to argue some of the points with those who are pro-gay marriage. This post gives some rational arguments to supplement the religious ones, which will make it incredibly difficult for someone to argue against them.

- While little kids need positive reinforcement to grow up properly, some people have forgotten that they need to learn from their mistakes as well. While it might seem cruel to point out the mistakes a child makes, the only way they can learn is from seeing where they made them. Whether in red ink or some other color (which itself will probably be seen as hostile after enough bad grades in it also), children cannot be expected to grow as people if we ONLY pay attention to the good.

- This is why I don't like PETA. They neglect common sense and presume that an animal will not be hostile towards them if they are just trying to help. While I admire the compassion these people have shown, they would have been better off calling animal control. They could have safely removed the bat (without harming it I might add) so that no one would've been hurt. Though I wonder, could this be a case of the treatment being more painful than the symptoms?

- I've said this, Larry Sabato has said this, and now, centrist Democrats are speaking up as well about this rather obvious fact. The only way the Democrats can hope to get back into the White House and many congressional seats is to go back to moderation. I wonder why I keep pushing this though. I want Republicans in those positions.

- Apple continues to grow, but these days, one wonders does it matter anymore? PCs may continue to reign as the leader in computers, but Macs are not going away quietly.

Okay, that covers the content of interest tonight (though I can also take pride right now that the Orioles are 1-0 and that the Nationals are 0-1). Hopefully, I will find some time in the next few days to cover a bad situation in Canada. What is it about? There may be some freedom of press issues which directly affect blogging. More on this in the next post.