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April 27, 2005

Laura Ingraham receieves warm wishes from Elizabeth Edwards?

Michelle Malkin reports on a thread at the DU where a number of moonbats (a term referring to the most extreme leftwingers) are kicking Laura Ingraham while she is down; she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent successful surgery yesterday. As was usual, Nazi was one of the nicer words thrown around on the DU board. There are a few generous members wishing her well, but that is a rarity on the board. Among those posting was a member with the name given as Elizabeth Edwards, wife of 2004 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards.
I have been a Democrat for a long time, and part of the Democratic principles that attracted me as a young person and kept me a Democrat all these years is our compassion. Democrats are simply good and decent people. And good and decent people want everyone to do well -- those who agree with them and those who do not. We fight for the right of voices with which we disagree to speak out, for the right of people to say things we don't believe to be true, even for the right to be malicious and mean-spirited. If we fight for the right for LI to say what she says, how in the world can we use our disagreement with those words as an excuse not to be compassionate in her fight with cancer. Being willing to have her voice muted by illness is the same thing as not wanting her voice to be heard. It is not Democratic or democratic.

I hope others will join me in wishing her Godspeed in this fight, for the easiest road that she can have, and even for the development of compassion about others who have faced hardship and disease without the support network she -- and I -- have. As I go through treatment for this same disease, I think often about the women who fight breast cancer without health insurance, without a supportive husband, with a physically demanding job that doesn't know or doesn't care that she is exhausted and weak and aching, with children but no child care. I find it absolutely impossible that LI won't also have those thoughts run through her head or that she won't rethink her position on health care or the social safety net. Pray for her health AND her enlightenment, if you must. But pray, with me, for her good health.

A nice thought, though it seems to lose some credibility when she discusses how she feels Miss Ingraham is going through.

My first thought when reading this was that this was just someone else posting under the name Elizabeth Edwards (anyone familiar with thefacebook.com or most message boards knows this to be a pretty common practice), but a recent update at Right Wing News by John Hawkins confirms that it is indeed Miss Edwards. While there are some DUers who are not extremely hostile, the vast majority are. This is a bit disconcerting. I have said before that the Democratic party is doing itself and our country damage by straying further to the left, but having such a public figure associating with them does not seem to suggest that they intend to move back to the middle. I would hope that this is an isolated event, but my guess is that this is more common than even most other conservatives may realize.