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May 25, 2005

Just wanted to note...

I've always been a big sports fan, particularly of baseball. Tonight, with another win, the Baltimore Orioles have brought their record to 29-16. While only about 1/4 of the way through the schedule, seeing that the O's hold a 3 game lead on Boston and a 4.5 game lead on New York (the only two teams in Major League Baseball, at least, it would seem if you watched even five minutes of ESPN) makes me extremely happy. While some of my colleagues in blogging are fans of baseball, such as John Behan (author of Commonwealth Conservative, fan of the Cincinnati Reds) and kilo (author of Spark It Up, fan of the Chicago White Sox), I just have to say that they have picked the wrong teams. Hey, what can I say, it is simply the truth. ;)

Watch for the Orioles this year. If their starting pitching plays well all year, they could steal a playoff spot from NY or Boston.