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June 01, 2005

Perhaps Evan would be interested in this...

Fox News reports on a Brooklyn College professor who has made some outrageous claims on members of organized religion. Certainly Christians, Muslims, Jews, and members of other religions are imperfect, and there are certainly members of each group who believe in extreme tactics in spreading their beliefs, but calling "religious adherents...an ugly, violent lot" generalizes many people into a group of villians.

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done about this situation. Professor Shortell has the right to say the things he did, and forcing him from his job for saying something insulting violates his Constitutional rights. What this does call for is a watchdog approach for Shortell. His students need to be aware of instances where Shortell acts intolerantly towards students of faith, and report them (I would advise against egging the professor on, it might prove devastating to one's grades and might not be effective).

Still, in this "tolerant" society, it is amazing what isn't tolerated.