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July 29, 2005

George Bush and Jerry Kilgore

I'm sure a number of readers here have read that President Bush recently endorsed Jerry Kilgore for Governor of Virginia (big surprise there, right?). This was headlined by a recent fundraiser that was very successful. John Behan has been following this, and noted another review recently; in particular, he stated the following.
That might not mean as much in Massachusetts, but it’s a nice endorsement to have in Virginia.
Of course, John is nodding towards the John Kerry endorsement of Tim Kaine. It is doubtful that Kerry will be speaking here in Virginia for Tim Kaine, and for good reason; John Kerry lost Virginia by at least eight points (with only Richmond in a color other than birght red to light blue), which makes one wonder why he would take the risk of endorsing Kaine.

Also, campaign fundraising is not the only thing that determines who wins an election, but I'd bet Tim Kaine is not taking Jerry Kilgore's $2.1 million jackpot lightly.