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August 24, 2005

Fifteen Percent or Bust

That is likely the current rallying call for the Russ Potts campaign. This year, only one of the gubernatorial debates is being televised, and based on the rules set by the University of Virginia Center of Politics, Potts is the odd man out. This was thought to be a conspiracy by Jerry Kilgore by many Tim Kaine and Russ Potts supporters, but Larry Sabato cleared up the situation, as noted by Will Vehrs of Bacon's Rebellion. This isn't convincing many people who still think Russ Potts should be allowed to join in. Sure, and last year's Super Bowl should be replayed, allowing the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons to play as well because they too could win. Until Russ Potts can prove that he could play a bigger role in this election than spoiler, the Center of Politics is correct in not making a change to its debate standards.