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August 17, 2005

Change coming to The Red Stater on August 19th

UPDATE 8/12/05 8:15 PM: For new updates, look below. This post will remain at the top until the change has taken effect.

ORIGINALLY POSTED 8/11/05 8:57 PM: Better update your links. Next Friday (not tomorrow, but a week from tomorrow), I will be changing the URL of The Red Stater to http://theredstater.blogspot.com/ (if you go there now, all that exists is a page to ensure that it will not be taken in the next week). The link to the old URL will remain for a couple weeks after the name change for anyone who misses this change. With any luck, bloggers with reciprocal links will mark this change as well. I cannot guarantee what time this change will take effect on the 19th, so using the old URL will be sufficient. I can guarantee that the change will have taken full effect before the 20th.

(I have been unable to contact The Salt Lick about this change. If anyone is familiar with his e-mail address or can point him my way, please do so, so he is aware of the change, even if The Salt Lick remains on sabbatical for an extended period of time. I would post a comment to his blog, but I am unsure if he is still checking it, and I feel it would be inappropriate to post a comment about an unrelated subject).

Thank you all for your patience with the change.