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August 25, 2005

Fighting City Hall

Well, sort of.

Waldo Jaquith is skeptical of Christian Schoenewald's chances versus incumbent Dennis Rooker, a strong favorite. I don't know much about Schoenewald, but I'll support him (I believe change on the Charlottesville City Council can only be beneficial), even knowing that this will be a tough race.

And I certainly agree with the sentiment on the back of his car (read the final line of this article from The HooK).

UPDATE 11:45 PM: Waldo pointed out that I messed this one up royally. Christian Schoenewald is running for Albemarle Board of Supervisors, not the Charlottesville City Council. I see little reason not to maintain support behind Mr. Schoenewald for the moment, though if Waldo is correct, controversy is doubtful regardless of the winner.