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August 01, 2005

Interesting opinion pieces of the day

- Joe Mariani writes about the "love" liberals show for our country (posted at Right Wing News with the permission of Guardian WatchBlog).

- Patrick Michaels writes a great commentary on the perceptions of global warming and the realities of terrorism (Patrick Michaels also happens to be a environmental sciences professor at the University of Virginia).

-Waldo Jaquith opines on the John Bolton recess appointment (Don't bet on it Waldo, I suspect that, as usual, most of the voters will have forgotten about this by Labor Day, let alone Election Day next year).

- Norman at One Man's Trash comments on the Mason-Dixon poll that Virginia Democrats are so excited about. Most important line that many on the left don't seem to understand:
...[T]he only people paying attention now are political junkies.
To quote John Behan, indeed.

- Neil "Common Sense before Dollars and Cents" Cavuto comments on profiling in security. Interestingly enough, some people are taking this idea very seriously, including some New England Democrats.