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August 29, 2005

More conflicting messages than John Kerry

The Virginia blogosphere has been abuzz with Tim Kaine's most recent comments.
Having a sportsmen's organization is a way of saying, 'Hey look, Kaine is one of us'"
Of course, it doesn't have much impact...until you know that he said this from a resort where the "cheap" room runs at $365 per night. Now, I'm not much of a sportsman, but I somehow doubt that Kaine will be able to connect with them after spending his afternoon in the spa.

Well, who knows, maybe Mr. Kaine's gun sale without a background check will better acquaint him with the Commonwealth's sportsmen...or at least the Commonwealth's felons.

Perhaps Tim Kaine is trying to resolve his lie about support from the NRA.

Who needs a consistent message when going all over the map is so much easier?