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September 27, 2005

Evangelism requires more than yelling

Yesterday, the Woroniecki family held a small, if loud, protest calling for repentance of sins from the students here at the University of Virginia. I passed by this protest and could not help but feel a little embarrassed. Rather than preaching compassion, they cried out for fear that the students would go to Hell. Evangelism requires a personal relationship and dedication, not fear of a fiery pit. Unfortunately, this family may be linked to all Christian groups on grounds and may set back honest attempts to convert fellow students. And with the recent racial issues, the Woroniecki family's timing could not have been worse, in a time where much of the student body is skeptical and polarized. Third-year College student Alexandria Hawkins stated it best.
Part of me agrees with what they're saying, but that's not the way you approach people. They're the brick wall. They're trying to call you to open your mind, but they shut you out.
As Chad Dotson always says, indeed.

Unfortunately, the response from the University has been less than encouraging. Dean Penny Rue was reasonable in contacting police to enforce the peace. However, as I passed the protest, I saw a couple of students unfurl a banner that said "B***S***", and a number of students nearby just laughed at it. Apparently, Cari saw this as well.
... the best response, by far, came from two students who stood next to the demonstration with a huge sign that simply said, ["B***S***].
Disappointing. After the incidents which united much of the University, I've seen a general hypocrisy from many of those students as they quickly turned against people whom they disagree with. I will not justify the actions of the Woroniecki family, but my faith in the student body here has dropped sharply. I was skeptical that the racial incidents were perpetrated by University students, but now I am not so sure.

I guess the first response my brothers and sisters in Christ and I had is most appropriate for this entire situation: Sigh.