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October 24, 2005

The 5G iPod

I just received the new iPod video today, and I must say that I am already impressed by this little gadget. 30 GB is far larger than I need for my music, photos, and some video, and the screen is clear and very bright.

I am concerned that it will scratch or break easily, and this fear may persist until I am able to purchase a case for it (the case that came with it is limited, and third-party cases come out much later than the iPods themselves). I also wonder how long the battery will hold out, as many recharges will eventually drain it. However, the iPod is worth it, and I will definitely suggest it for anyone who is looking for a new MP3 player and has the money to purchase one (even with the student discount, the 30 GB iPod came in at $269. Ouch).