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October 19, 2005

Finally, the O's have plugged in the last major hole

What hole is that you ask? Pitching

Leo Mazzone, formerly of the Braves (aiding in their fourteen straight NL East Championships), has just signed on to become the Baltimore Orioles pitching coach. The last few seasons have shown strength in the bats but weakness in pitching for the Orioles, and Mazzone, who happens to be O's manager Sam Perlozzo's best friend, will likely be able to fix that problem. Do we finally see an end to that infernal Yanks/Sawx rivalry/domination in the AL East this upcoming season?

Meanwhile, the Houston Astros beat the St. Louis Cardinals tonight to win the NLCS, while the Chicago White Sox have held the ALCS Championship for a few days after beating the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (seriously, they should just go back to the California Angels and get rid of the blasted abomination that is their current name). Neither team has been to the World Series in more than forty years; in fact, the Astros have never been to the World Series (the franchise is in its 44th year) and the White Sox have not won since 1917. This should be a very interesting series.