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October 13, 2005

Apple releases a whole mess of new products

I've had my eyes on the iPod for a while, but knowing that the 4G iPods had been out for a while, I waited, knowing that the next generation could not be too far away. My patience paid off.

Yesterday, I purchased the new iPod video, but I will have to wait a week for it to arrive. Some of the details are as follows.
- Plays video in the MPEG4 and h.264 formats
- Sports a full color screen with a 320x240 resolution
- Video out to television
- Works with the new iTunes 6, which now offers music videos and television shows
- Still plays music of course
Needless to say, I cannot wait for it to arrive (though I am a little nervous knowing that I won't have a case for it for a few weeks).

Apple has released a number of other products as well.
- Quicktime was updated to 7.0.3.
- The new iMac has a built in iSight, the Mighty Mouse included, and FrontRow and PhotoBooth Apps (built into the new iMacs only, i.e. not available for my iBook, the Powerbook, the PowerMac, etc.).
- The eMac and U2 iPod were discontinued, but the Powerbook and PowerMac are expected to have updates within the week.

Mac Rumors has more details and fellow Commonwealth blogger Waldo Jaquith has his thoughts (Waldo, this may be our best chance to convince the other bloggers that they have a superior computer available).