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October 10, 2005

More on last night's debate

Chad has allowed a good night's rest to fully absorb and reflect on the gubernatorial debate last night.

Kilo feels there was no winner, but still thought Jerry Kilgore made progress.

Old Zach is tired of hearing about Mark Warner 2.0.

Shaun Kenney saw nothing to take from the debate other than further reasoning not to vote for Tim Kaine.

Cari disagrees on the winner, and believes that last night's debate was a bore.

Mike Slaven disagrees with Cari on the quality of the debate, and even as he feels that Tim Kaine won, he has some nice words for Jerry Kilgore.

Waldo Jaquith disagrees with them all, as he feels that the voters in the Commonwealth have been cheated.

T-minus twenty-nine days and counting. Will the debate favor either candidate, or did it fall flat? In another month, we may have our answer.