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October 09, 2005

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors election

My time at the University of Virginia is slowly coming to an end, and I have found that I wish to stay in Charlottesville after I graduate. With issues like housing costs and unemployment, I need to be certain that I will have opportunities after I graduate. For this reason, I am endorsing Christian Schoenewald for Supervisor of the Jack Jouett district of Albemarle County. I recently heard Christian Schoenewald speak and can say that he has my interests (as well as the interests of other students looking to stay in Charlottesville) at hand.

His opponent, Dennis Rooker, does not appear to be too concerned with what happens to students of the University of Virginia after they graduate. But Christian spoke directly to the needs of the recent graduate. While there has been some apparent growth in Charlottesville, there appears to be very few opportunities to start a career in this area; Christian has promised to bring higher paying jobs to the county. He also looks to lower property taxes, a big plus for someone like myself who would like to not waste money on renting a home. Rooker argues that property taxes were lowered, but Christian argues that the Board of Supervisors revised the numbers back up by about six cents. Sure, taxes are at 74 cents per hundred dollars, but they could have been at 68 cents per hundred dollars, with the local government still receiving the needed funds. We all hope to earn that first million, but such a raise can take a lot of money out of our pockets.

Also, with the recent Supreme Court decision concerning Kelo v. New London, Christian takes the high road, pledging not to allow the county to take land for the use of another. He also is campaigning for a government that fixes problems before they get bigger, and holding the School Board accountable for the edcuation needs of the county. Christian is not a large or loud man, but he struck me as honest, and a county that goes by these standards is definitely a place I would like to start my life.

Jim Duncan over at Central VA real estate news has more on Christian Schoenewald, and the endorsement he and David Slutzky (of the Rio district) received from Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors. Also, the official website for Christian Schoenewald's campaign will be added to the sidebar.