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October 06, 2005

The Rolling Stones at Scott Stadium

The Strolling Bones are in town, and the hype is as big as any of the football games from the last three seasons.

The concert is set to start soon, but the weather is not looking too favorable. Rain is possible tonight (with near certain heavy rains expected tomorrow), so that might be a little bit of a spoiler.

I have also been a little concerned about how this concert will affect the field, though any fears there may be unfounded as I have heard that there is supposed to be an elevated surface above the field to keep it from taking too much damage (with Florida State coming to play the Wahoos next Saturday, the field being in bad shape would likely play out worse for Virginia). With the current weather concerns, this will also prevent the field from becoming a big mudpit, much to the benefit of those in attendance.

Regardless, with more than 50,000 expected to attend, and speakers the size of a car, anyone within a couple blocks of Scott Stadium (myself included) should probably be able to hear the concert, or at least all the screaming fans. Who needs to spend $100 anyway?

I will blog further about this later (incidents, what could be heard, perhaps the political stances taken by The Rolling Stones).

UPDATE 10/9 9:30 PM: The music was loud enough to be heard from my residence, but not recognizable at this distance. So much for figuring on a free show.

The only incident was a bomb threat (wait a second, I didn't know they were holding a midterm in Scott Stadium on Thursday), but after a half hour delay, the show went on. Other than roommates who reeked of pot (all those cops in the stadium and people were still smoking marijuana?), there is not much else that can be said of the concert. It appears everyone who went enjoyed it and there were no serious issues.

Though, I do hope that the stage construction and destruction did not do too much damage to the field. Florida State will be hard enough to take on with a clean field.