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October 17, 2005

Newest SurveyUSA poll out

Chad, Norman, and Lowell all have taken notice of the latest poll, and right now, Tim Kaine has a two point lead among likely voters (with a 3.7 point margin of error). No doubt Kaine supporters are heartened by the news.

However, I have one suggestion for those Kaine supporters. Do not forget last year. The exit polls suggested that John Kerry would win the presidential election of 2004 handidly; instead, President Bush took a solid lead and never looked back. Earlier polls also had suggested that John Kerry would win the election. Complacency is weakness, and I am not convinced that the Democrats have learned their lesson there, particularly after reading the comments over at Raising Kaine (Josh seems to be the exception there; I would suggest all the other commenters take a lesson from him). You can trust me when I say that Republicans have learned from that experience, and this race will certainly not be over until November 8th.

I do find one curiosity in Lowell's post though.
...Jerry Kilgore's relentless lies and negativity...
Yet, here, he advocates Waldo Jaquith's position.
Rebuttal: Jerry Kilgore is anti-Christian.
So, Lowell wants lies in response to the perceieved lies he has seen from the Kilgore campaign? Hypocrisy has never looked good, but perhaps I should not be surprised.