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January 27, 2006

Around the Horn

For anyone new to this blog, "Around the Horn" is named as such based on the sports opinion show on ESPN. As a lot may be going on at a given time, or I may find myself away from posting, I will forego the individual post and post a short set of comments for a number of topics. Much like "Around the Horn", many topics will be covered, and this one is no exception. Today's may be larger than others, but it will follow the same structure.

- Virginia Centrist responds to calls that he is an extreme liberal. While I do not like the use of the terms "centrist" and "moderate", I can see how "conservative", "liberal", and even "libertarian" would not fit VC's political belieff system (as for each particular belief, that is a whole different story).

- Chad will no longer be alone at CC. Will Vehrs will be joining him full-time, leaving Bacon's Rebellion. While I prefer Chad's style and posts, Will will add a new dynamic to a great blog and should make it far more enjoyable.

- I am far from a fan on polls, but it sure does not look like Hillary stands a good chance in '08.

- I am also far from a fan of Lowell, but he has surprised me. Some very rabid liberals are against war in all cases, and Lowell understands this is not a good idea, particularly where Iran is concerned. And with the recent frustrations seen in Europe over Iran, it could be interesting to see how this all plays out and how the War in Iraq will be viewed.

- Speaking of Iraq, a former Iraqi general is claiming that WMDs and materials to make such weapons may indeed have been shipped to Syria before the onset of the war. With an extended period of time in the discussions in Congress and the UN, then the centrifuge by Saddam concerning the possibility of such weapons, these claims merit attention, but will take some time to confirm.

- Also, it appears that the people in Iraq and Afghanistan disagree with the people here in the United States about how things are going in Iraq and Afghanistan. But we all know that Michael Moore is the real expert, right?

- Alito got by 10-8 on a party-line vote, but calls for a filibuster appear to be failing. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Supreme Court Justice Alito.

- For anyone fearing a conservative Supreme Court, you might want to put those fears aside for now. Wondering whether the death penalty may break the Constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment, a stay has been ordered on an execution. Why is this even being questioned? By now, there should be little doubt whether lethal injection is painful (beyond the needle piercing the skin).

- Hamas is in power, how will Israel react and how should they?

- Tim Kaine wasted no time breaking his promise, raising taxes to pay for transportation (which technically is paid for, even if the money has been diverted). Not only that, it is not only Republicans who are mad at this decision.

- Senator George Allen continues to make good moves towards 2008, with strong approval ratings and criticism of the liberals in Senate.

- Brokeback Mountain, the not-so-blockbuster.

- And finally, a look around the ACC. Ron Mexico is defending his brother, rather than offering him constructive criticism. And Marcus Vick is not the only Hokie to "accidentally" step on an opponent, though admittedly, Deron Washington handled the situation far more maturely than Vick. Meanwhile, UVa is 4-2 in the conference, surpassing expectations and exciting some of the locals. The Hoos face 6-0 Duke tomorrow in a game that could greatly define the direction for the rest of the season.