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January 22, 2006

Morality and Marriage

Homosexuality is becoming more accepted within socially liberal circles. But could it lead to an even more fundamental change to relationships and marriage that greatly betrays what they are all about? Jerry Fuhrman sure thinks so.
Same-sex marriage is all the rage in liberal circles. Exponents argue that sex behind closed doors between two consenting adults is a matter for those two consenting adults and that Christians should keep their morality to themselves.
Sex is acceptable between TWO people if they are CONSENTING and those people are of a certain age to be considered ADULTS.

If you truly believe that morality shouldn't be factored into the equation, then it stands to reason that you would have to allow for sex with children. Beastiality. Polygamy.
This is some scary stuff, but just a scare tactic, right?

Man, I wish that were true.
Last year, however, as Canada legalized same-sex "marriage," Prime Minister Paul Martin commissioned a $150,000 study to debunk the polygamy argument. Big mistake: The study confirmed the scare tactic by recommending Canada repeal its anti-polygamy law.
While she seems to see same-sex unions in a different way from Jerry and I, the author, Debra Saunders, recognizes some fundamental problems that would arise from polygamy.
[T]he practice is poison for cultures at large. Rich men marry many wives. Poor men do not. Women have few opportunities and limited rights. It can't be good for the kids. Consider polygamy's most famous son: Osama bin Laden, whose father sired 54 children with 22 wives.
This brings about her best point.
Extending protections to unequal unions protects inequality