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January 14, 2006

A Great Run

Well, the Redskins season is over. After running the table at a 5-6 record, and taking down Tampa Bay in the first round of the playoffs, Seattle ended its postseason futility with a 20-10 win. I am disappointed, but far from heartbroken. The Redskins completely turned this season around, and were, essentially, in the playoffs for seven straight weeks, with a loss anywhere potentially knocking them out.

So what's left? Well, we can still enjoy seeing Seattle getting the snot kicked out of them either in the NFC Championsip Game or Super Bowl XL, and Washington will be big favorites going into next season. Here, I stated what Washington needed for 2006. From that list, Gregg Williams will remain with the Redskins, and there is no reason why the same will not be true for Gibbs, Portis, and Moss; however, it is painfully obvious after this playoff run that the Redskins need a new, young QB. Ramsey is not that QB, and Campbell may not be ready next season. But who might fit well?

1. Matt Schaub: I've mentioned him before, and I think he would compliment Moss and Cooley very well.
2. Tim Hasselbeck: Yep, the brother of the QB whom they lost to today. They let him go last season, but if there is any way they can get him back, I think he would be more than capable of leading this team.
3: Brett Favre: In order to get a new leader to replace the aging Mark Brunell...never mind.

But seriously, this is priority number one next season. After that, they should look for a new WR and for some help on the OL (Seattle put a lot of pressure on Brunell, who was slowed by his knee injury). Finding some good backups to add some depth will also go a long way to a team that seems to have problems with injuries.

This was a tough loss, but there is a lot of reason to be optimstic for next season. The Washington Redskins have a great shot at making Super Bowl XLI.