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January 12, 2006

Changes coming?

Shaun Kenney's recent post concerning Generation X versus Generation Y has gotten me thinking. I am entering my final semester at the University of Virginia, and as one of the early members of Gen Y, I will be going out into the "real world" soon, starting on a job that may launch my career.

I will be honest, this is daunting. This is, at least in part, due to a bit of uncertainty. I have only recently been added to the Charlottesville Blogs Aggregator and the Old Dominion Blog Alliance, but withdrawl from one or both groups may be needed; I do not know what I will be doing after I graduate, and as such am unaware of where I will be living come June. Even still, I welcome the challenges that lie before me, and I am sure that, should the need arise, I can become familiar with a new group of bloggers in the locale.

That being said, I will continue here at least through graduation, and will likely maintain this URL even after such time.

As for the Gen X vs. Gen Y comparisons, all I can say is that us Gen Y'ers needs to step up to the plate and prove ourselves. Our time is now.