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February 28, 2006

Commonwealth College Republicans

I have always been proud to be a member of the College Republicans here at the University of Virginia. I have been aware of the organization that exists not just at the local level at UVa, but throughout the Commonwealth as a whole. The CRFV leads the organizations from each school, and each organization has worked very well with others and internally.

However, I have heard a number of stories recently that are starting to concern me. First, I was frustrated with the allegations and method of reporting concerning some prank calls. Then, a CR was taken out of context, through a comment that probably should not have been said without a little more thought. And now, the GMU CRs have taken offense to a blog post at Too Conservative and blamed a freshman CR for it. This has got to stop.

I will not say that the UVa CRs are without their problems. With so many motivated individuals, it is understandable that differences will arise and mistakes will be made, but dealing with these issues has become something of a weakness. As I stated earlier, the order within the College Republicans is great, and the potential they have is enormous; few people hear how much many of them do, and they often go underappreciated by campaigns and voters. Still, these little issues add up, and can only serve to drag down the CRs, no matter what they are able to accomplish otherwise.

I am not trying to attack the CRs; if anything, I hate doing this sort of thing to those who I feel so loyal to. But it is very apparent that many of them need a wake-up call. As I commented on neocon22's post:
No more BS. Deal with your issues, take criticism with stride, and put any issues you have had behind you. Infighting will only prove the old proverb "together we stand, divided we fall".
The line must be drawn here, and no further.