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February 13, 2006

A real mess

I missed CPAC this weekend due to sickness, but it sounds like a real mess developed from it. Irresponsible actions occurred, but what may be worse is the response.

Not Larry Sabato is reporting on a crank call that is allegedly the responsibility of some of the William & Mary College Republicans. This call went to a National Guard student the day before his duty, and it occurred Friday night at CPAC, undoubtedly after a little too much celebration that evening. Apparently, one member of the W&M CRs (later found to not be a W&M student, but a VT) in particular conducted the call, posing as an ACLU attorney eager to help with a case concerning voting rights in Williamsburg. It appears that NLS was aware of this infraction as the victim of the call is a technical adviser to him, and it appears that he was targeted due to his liberal leanings. A few others have been allegedly called, including Rev. Jerry Falwell himself, though few details are given concerning those incidents. A disappointing incident indeed, but the response has shown even less class.

As mentioned earlier, NLS started by accusing the caller, posting this member's name, phone number, and even a picture (which has since been removed), allowing the caller to become a target. Some assertions that are made are correct; the caller falsely posed as someone else, and would be subject to criminal charges. As such, this caller should have been reported to the police, not exposed to everyone who read NLS earlier today. "Well, CR UVa, sounds like just desserts, right?" I do not see it that way. The caller was joking; as inappropriate as the actions of this and other students were, they may become targets of something far more harsh. While the majority of those reading Virginia blogs are cordial and polite, there are exceptions. And even though the full name of the caller has been removed, the first name remains at the end of the post with the full names of two others allegedly involved in the situation. This allows for three direct targets, not to mention the William and Mary College Republicans.

What's worse, after the first few paragraphs, this starts to sound like a tirade against the College Republicans, rather than the individuals responsible. This is entirely unfair. College Republicans, by far, are responsible and hard-working. It is rare that any members involve themselves in something so controversial (if you can truly call this controversial). How do prank calls warrant the post's name of "Virginia College Republican/CPAC Scandal?" Titling the post with "Virginia College Republicans" implies a far wider spread than that which exists. And calling this a scandal diminishes the impact of a real scandal, such as embezzlement or bribery.

This is a joke gone quite wrong; it becomes quite obvious that drinking and phones should not mix. But the response has not been any better; real concern over these events should result in calls to the proper authorities, not a five-cent tabloid article and cheers from the peanut gallery.

Too Conservative has been covering it here and here.

UPDATE 2/14 8:50 PM: Kilo puts gives his thoughts as well, and he proves why we are told to listen to our elders.