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January 30, 2006

New link and (perhaps?) a late thanks

I do not know how I miss these sometimes. A new link has been added to the side-bar under Allies, that of No Oil for Pacifists. This looks like a really good blog, with recent coverage including that of the cloture for the filibuster of the Alito nomination (which appears to have passed 72-25), a comparison of Vietnam and Iraq, and Judeo-Christian values and their effect in our world. Looks like a good addition to the RSS feed.

And it also appears that long-time Allies, the UIS College Republicans, presented me with Weblog of the Week honors (scroll down about one-third of the way). I am very honored by this, but I am unsure of what week it was that this was presented. I would like to thank the UIS CRs for this recognition, and apologize if my thanks are rather belated. I am unaware of whether any UIS CRs read this blog, but if I am getting some, please relay my thanks to the editor of UIS CR blog and your leadership. I will continue to do my best to deserve such recognition.