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February 01, 2006

The State of the Union

Along with Old Zach and Lighthorse Harry of Sic Semper Tyrannis and Thomas More of Icythus (who also happened to liveblog the speech), among others, I watched the State of the Union. It was good, though not his best (I guess President Bush will never be able to top the speech he gave on September 20th, 2001). He covered the essentials; supporting our troops, lowering taxes, and fixing social security (where the Democrats showed some very poor form during the speech), but I was a little unsure of a couple things. First, he still does not seem to be very firm on illegal immigrants. He talked some tough talk, but then returned to his amnesty program. Please Mr. President, lets get tough on illegal immigration. And second, President Bush spoke of lowering taxes and spending, but then introduced some new programs that would need additional spending. Still, he was better than Tim Kaine in his response. I believe Tim Kaine is stuck in one of either of two situations: he has absolutely no control of that eyebrow and his hands, or he used them to hypnotize Virginians into voting for him. Regardless, all Tim Kaine said during his rebuttal was that the United States needed "a better way". Of course, he never really defined what "a better way" is, but who really wants to be bogged down with such details?

Regardless of how this speech turned out, things are going fairly well for Republicans right now. Samuel Alito was confirmed. President Bush is seeing an upswing in his ratings. And Ted Kennedy's head is spinning faster than a top. I hope this trend continues.

UPDATE 1:05 AM: It appears that Chris Muir feels the same way about Tim Kaine's response.