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March 13, 2006

Around the Horn

- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or People Erotically Teasing Apathetics? Seriously, the only time we hear of PETA these days, it sounds like they are trying to pose for Playboy, making them that much harder to take seriously.

- And speaking of having a hard time taking someone seriously, Democrats in Senate have no problem calling for censure, but apparently they cannot walk the walk. Along with a similar vote for immediate troop pullout after John Murtha made a similar call (and that vote was overwhelmingly in opposition to such a pullout) a few months ago, Democrats are making themselves look very weak with many congressional seats up for election later this year.

- Back to local events, it appears that a number of locals are looking to emulate the actions taken in other towns across the country in calling for the impeachment of President Bush. More here. It makes one wonder why these people are not just mounting a large letter writing campaign instead (I suspect it would be more effective and would be easier to organize on a larger scale). Of course, considering how the Democrats in Senate have been voting (or not voting, be it as it may), such calls right now do not seem to make any sense; even with sagging approval ratings for President Bush, this will also make Democrats look worse. And at this point, there may not be a single politician inside the beltway who can survive a large hit to their approval.

- In what can only be described as not news, neither Pat Robertson nor George Clooney know when to shut up.

- Jon Henke is still waiting for an established expert to say, definitively, that Iraq was without WMDs and programs to acquire them.

- On a lighter note, college basketball has hit the postseason. Unfortunately, UVa fell short, but they are in the NIT, far more than was expected at the beginning of the season, when UVa was picked to finish last in an ACC media poll (again, who trusts polls?). Even still, March Madness goes on. Brackets are coming out, and I am getting in the mix once again. What are my picks? In the Final Four, it will be #2 seed Texas, #3 seed Gonzaga, #1 seed Conneticut, and #1 seed Villanova. In the National Championship, Villanova will beat Texas 82-70. Upset Special #1 - #7 seed Georgetown in the Elite Eight. Upset Special #2 - #12 seed Utah State not only continues the trend of 12 seeds beating 5 seeds, but will also take down #4 Illinois in the Round of 32. You heard it here first.

- And finally, a hearty congratulations to my friend who recently got engaged (and no, I am not going to divulge who it is, but I am sure he knows that I am posting this towards him).