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March 11, 2006

Washington Times: Washington Post said Iraq was a WMD threat

Interesting stuff here, from January of 2001:
Of all the booby traps left behind by the Clinton administration, none is more dangerous -- or more urgent -- than the situation in Iraq. Over the last year, Mr. Clinton and his team quietly avoided dealing with, or calling attention to, the almost complete unraveling of a decade's efforts to isolate the regime of Saddam Hussein and prevent it from rebuilding its weapons of mass destruction. That leaves President Bush to confront a dismaying panorama in the Persian Gulf: intelligence photos that show the reconstruction of factories long suspected of producing chemical and biological weapons... [T]he option the Bush administration can least afford is Mr. Clinton's inaction.
So Bill Clinton was "inactive", but George W. Bush would later be too active in his actions? Anyone think they can explain this?