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June 16, 2006

The One

Just as the bad news concerning the deaths of soldiers has come out, some good news has come out that further shows that these lives were not given in vain.
The U.S. military in recent weeks has seized a "huge treasure" of intelligence materials on al Qaeda in Iraq, including a revealing document in which the terror group acknowledges its own "bleak situation" caused by losses on both the public relations and war fronts.
This brings up some interesting points. Al Qaeda does appear to have a fairly good idea of how motivating certain actions can be, and they are attempting to use this as a way to build support.
The al Qaeda document said if it is to rebound from setbacks it needs to "improve the image of the resistance in society, increase the number of supporters who are refusing occupation and show the class of interest between society and the occupation and its collaborators."
Through all this, I believe, even more now, that liberals have a very good idea of how motivational bad news can be. Like al Qaeda, they use a media assault to make people sympathetic to their cause; it is even easier here in America with a very pessimistic MSM that can easily be persuaded to discuss the problems that arise in the effort but not the merits when due.

However, al Qaeda and liberals are not the only ones who can use the media. This document shows that America is winning in Iraq. Al Qaeda is demoralized, contrary to the liberal myth that further action in Iraq is mobilizing the opposition. And it is doubtful that al Qaeda will be getting any pushes soon.
The Baghdad command continued to give an optimistic message on Iraq, boosted by President Bush's surprise visit this week, even as the war's death toll for the U.S. military topped 2,500.
"We believe al Qaeda in Iraq was taken by surprise," said Mowaffak Rubaie, Iraq's national security adviser. "They did not anticipate how powerful the Iraqi security forces are and how the government is on the attack now." He referred to the intelligence take as a "huge treasure."
On top of that, al Qaeda was planning on starting a war that would likely engulf the entire Middle East and potentially affect every nation in the world.
The document also said al Qaeda in Iraq needs to build its own arms industry and to "avoid mistakes that will blemish the image of the resistance."
The group's major goal is to get the U.S. involved in a new war, this one against the Shi'ites in Iraq and Iran, and to provoke another war between Iraqi Shi'ites and Sunni countries in the Middle East.
One option, the paper says, is to blow up targets in the West and plant evidence that the bombing was done by Iranians.
This is extremely important knowledge that could potentially stop a future conflict. And yet, Senators Boxer, Byrd, Feingold, Harkin, Kerry and Kennedy all voted to pull American troops. But I am sure some like James Webb and John Kerry will make some excuse like they had not heard of this document so they should not have their words used against them. Or something like that.

Anti-war hounds are using the deaths of 2500 American men and women to push for a cut-and-run strategy. However, it will only take this one document to show that their lives were not lost in vain.

UPDATE 1:35 PM: No sooner do I get all this typed out than do I find that Michelle Malkin has some more to add, concerning a FOXNews.com report.
In this second of a three-part examination of a newly-released document captured in Iraq, Robison offers further evidence that in 1999 the Taliban welcomed "Islamic relations with Iraq" to mediate among the Taliban, the Northern Alliance and Russia, and that the Taliban reciprocated with an invitation to Iraqi officials to visit Afghanistan.
Quite interesting.

And the House of Representatives took a vote on a timetable for Iraq. There will be no timetable, and what's more, 42 Democrats voted with the Republican majority (3 Republicans broke ranks and voted for a timetable, and five congressmen voted present). It's official; we stay the course.