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December 23, 2006

Goode, Democrats, and Muslims

Recently, Virgil Goode made a comment concerning Muslims running for public office. This has sparked some controversy, even though the evidence appears to support his concerns. Even still, Democrats have tried to take advantage of this situation the same way they did with George Allen in the now infamous moment with Sidarth. Rather than address the concerns in Goode's letter, they have made the decision to call him a racist and refrain from any real debate.

Then, more recently, a Virginia blogger decided to post a picture showing a beheading, trying to remind us what it is that we are fighting. As many other blogs are, this was shown on the Virginia Political Blogs. Waldo decided to immediately pull the blog from the aggregator. Some feel that this was a good decision
As the result, Waldo removed the blog from the aggregator. I wholeheartedly support his decision. Contrary to the postings of some others, this isn’t about censorship. This is about common decency. The exact same decency that keeps out of the blogsphere profanity-laden posts. The image was profane.
I'll note that I respect Vivian and find her to be a very intelligent woman. But again, I believe she and others are avoiding debate to instead focus on the shock value and discuss how that is wrong.

This concerns me, as we are seeing claims by jihadists that it is they that beat the Republicans, not Democrats. Perhaps I have simply missed it recently, but I do not believe I have seen a response to this. Again, it is as if liberals are afraid to respond because they think they will offend someone, instead of addressing a problem.

This cannot be emphasized enough. We are not fighting a religious war, but the jihadists believe we are. We are not fighting a political war, but the Democrats sure are. Political correctness and the fear of a few deaths (even though they may prevent countless others) are tying our hands down, and they know it.

The Virgil Goode story may pass, as he is not up for office right now the way George Allen was. The beheading picture will be forgotten. And Democrats will claim in the future that al Qaeda and other terrorist groups can be negotiated with. But we need to remember that we are not dealing with people who want peace with us. In their eyes, we have two options; convert and change our culture, or die. And despite Democrats fear of offending Muslims, I highly suspect that they would find a government run by many conservative Muslims would not be seen very favorably by Christians, conservatives, libertarians, environmentalists, feminists, gays,...

Or maybe I'm wrong and Democrats are already consulting maps on how to find Mecca?