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March 21, 2007

Congress: Still not popular

Despite the change in control, Congress has returned to its abysmally terrible approval ratings, levels below President Bush's even. It is clear that while people were not happy with the previous congressional leadership, they only voted on the current one because of the frustration they felt before. What does this mean for 2008?

A lot could change. If the war in Iraq worsens, it will likely hurt Republicans, but it might not help Democrats; third party candidates at the House and Senate levels will likely gain from it. I do not foresee any third party candidates doing well fighting for the White House, despite the weak field of candidates on both sides. However, a this upcoming election does become harder to predict. Currently, the situation in Iraq has been improving, but the situation in Washington is getting worse. The partisanship on both sides has made for a battle, as Democrats have been at odds with the Republican president since day one. But do not be fooled, the real enemy is not inside the beltway, but rather within the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, where terrorists do not even care about the children they endanger. Many Americans recognize why we must win this war; to preserve life. Though the war is unpopular for a considerably sized group, leaving will isolate many more still.

So where will Washington be heading in January of 2009?