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April 18, 2007

Even more fallout

- Guess who's coming to dinner? If you said the Westboro Baptist Church and Scientologists, you'd be correct. The WBC is one of the most hateful organizations in existence, completely forgoing the ideals of forgiveness and love and instead sticking with hateful rhetoric; they suggest God hates the sinners, rather than just the sin. They also protest at funerals, suggesting that people die in tragedies like this because of homosexuals. It is hard to even consider them an offshoot of Christianity because they seem to show no love.

And scientology? Well, they are going to Blacksburg simply to corrupt students there. For anyone at VT reading this, do not let them talk you into joining them. They have proven in the past that joining them is dangerous, because they will never let you leave.

I am certainly not encouraging violence against either group, and to be honest, I would suggest avoiding any interaction with either group. It is doubtful that anyone will reach these people, and in such an emotionally charged atmosphere, I doubt anyone will be in a good place to debate them either. Get through your pain with the help of loved ones or a more traditional house of faith; finding faith can be a great treatment for this pain, but scam artists do exist in religion as well.

- Rush Limbaugh reminds us that video games are not to blame, and indeed suggests that targeting violent media may not solve anything here. I would expand on his point; there are alcoholics in this world, far many more than there are extreme violent offenders, so should we engage in a new prohibition? I didn't think so. And yet, some people will completely disregard Rush simply because he is Rush, regardless of where they stand.

It is truly a shame. This event should have united us all. Yet, we continue to see more divisiveness, and more people using this event for their own gain. Cho Seung-Hui was sick, but there are far too many twisted people out there trying to get their own way after this.