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April 09, 2007

The stupidity of Al

Not Gore this time, but Sharpton. He is angry at Don Imus for his statements about the scrappy Rutgers team, so what does he do? Give Imus free advertising.

While Don Imus has been suspended, he will be back; it sounds as though he has no plan to resign (good for Don, it gets old hearing people call for a person's resignation just because they make one mistake). And now, people who have never heard of him now have. And they may be more likely to listen in when he returns. Instead of driving Don away, Al Sharpton may have given Don a larger audience.

And this is exactly why I do not go on tirades against Rosie O'Donnell (and wish other blogs, particularly those like Hot Air which have a national audience, would do the same). She needs to shut her mouth, but at least for a while (apparently, ratings are now dropping fast), The View's ratings were very high. It is ironic, but these loud voices tend to help more than harm the focus of the story.

So Al, bet you are feeling real proud of yourself now, eh?