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April 03, 2007

Around the Horn

A quick introduction to this post. Often times, I fall behind, usually due to how busy I am elsewhere. I still read many blogs, and want, at the very least, to point out some of the best of what I'm reading. So, I'll run through a number of links, some of which I will comment on and others which I will let speak for themselves, not unlike a carnival, except I select all the links. They are usually unrelated, and often have at least a couple links that are non-political, though potentially still partisan to some (hey, I cannot help it if you went to Virginia Tech). So, to get the ball rolling...

- Something to soften you all up. A father returns home from Iraq and surprises his son. If any of you watch this and do not feel anything, surely you must be inhuman.

- And that soldier is no doubt doing some good work in Iraq. Chris at the Mason Conservative gives the Department of Defense their props for the acheivements that are happening in Iraq. The media shows all the bad news coming from the country while barely (if at all) noticing the good news there.

- And even if anyone believes the Democrats support the military, the military sure doesn't. Bryan at Hot Air elaborates.

- Chris has more, citing his pride in the president for standing up for our troops and saying that he will veto the current military spending, er, I mean pork and withdrawl date bill.

- And not to forget the others who have stood up for our troops, SWAC Girl reiterates that the anti-war protestors go too far.

- Iran is a hot topic as well, and The NOVA Townhall wonders if we will be following Britain into Iran, rather than the other way around.

- John Hawkins wonders why Republicans are quiet since Democrats have started calling for the draft again. Seems like a good question to me.

- It seems like we are in a never-ending election season, and the Republican candidates for president seem weak right now, but do not fear, Fred Thompson is pondering a run. Polls suggest he might be able to make a run (and I believe he would rank higher than these polls suggest; the conservative base comes out to vote in those primaries, and they will not likely vote for Rudy or McCain). Moreover, there appears to be an effort in place to draft Fred Thompson to the role. I am still very undecided, but I would certainly entertain this possibility.

- The Earth has a fever, and the only perscription is more cowbell! Or less Al Gore. I'd be fine with either myself, and I'm sure Isophorone agrees.

- And even Sixth graders can tell that the "science" behind global warming is hardly conclusive. Still, some teachers think that students are unable to handle what used to be commonly taught. The Holocaust and the Crusades are slowly being dropped. What next, slavery? Clearly, these teachers never learned that those who do not learn from their history (or even learn their history in general) are doomed to repeat it.

- Jerry Fuhrman notes that James Webb is going to write another book. Wait, what? Senator Webb, you were elected to serve the people of Virginia. Right now, you cannot even keep who is in possession of your firearm straight. Do your job right now; you'll have plenty of time to write after you lose the next election.

- Another baseball season has begun. And other sports are still running, despite the fact that basketball season is over. UVa won in a very strong performance over Maryland in this last weekend's lacrosse game, a game I was fortunate enough to be able to attend. Virginia's baseball team, like the lacrosse team, is now ranked #3.

- And this game is incredibly addicting. Beware if you click, you might find yourself wasting a lot of time.