June 17, 2007

This isn't goodbye...

Because I do not like saying goodbye.

I've been thinking about this for a while recently, but I have had to make the tough decision that I will be ending my blogging days. While I will still be around the Virginia blogosphere (sometimes, I cannot help but comment), I am finding that I cannot devote the kind of time that I would like to for The Red Stater. While not nearly as prolific as many other bloggers, I have written more than 600 posts in the last two years, and quite frankly, it starts to feel like I am repeating myself; there are plenty of bloggers who are more capable of doing this than myself.

While I won't be entirely gone, I will leave here with a few parting thoughts.

- Terror is a real threat, and one we will have to deal with for years to come. For this reason, we cannot leave Afghanistan or Iraq any time soon (unless the government of either country tells us that they believe it is that time). Talking with the enemy will not work. Leaving them alone will not work. Ultimately, this can end one of two ways. Either we win, or they do, and there is no middle ground. Many here do not see this as a religious war, but to the radical Islamists, this is a war against all Western Culture, and there is no victory on their side until everything we know and believe is destroyed.

- Global warming is exaggerated. More and more scientists are coming out against it, and even those who believe that it is a concern suggest that most people know very little about it. There have even been suggestions that for many colder regions, it might be of benefit. Until the science has been better refined, politics should stay out.

- When it comes to Hillary Clinton, just say NO! (I knew that saying would come in handy someday). Today, my candidate of choice is Fred Thompson, and I must say I am glad he is not doing the same thing all the other candidates did by starting to campaign so early. Other decent candidates include Duncan Hunter, if he can get a good following, and Mitt Romney, who is far from my favorite but appears to hold a sufficiently conservative record for me to get behind if he wins the primary. Fred Thompson may be the most conservative candidate in the race, and he can be trusted to stand up for America.

To the ODBA, I say thank you all for welcoming me in.
To those who have commented on this blog, thank you for stimulating debate.
To those who stood by me, thank you for giving me the support to go on.

As I have said before, this isn't goodbye. I do not have any plans to remove The Red Stater (nor to reveal my identity publicly, sorry folks), as I will continue to comment on other blogs. Also, I will not rule out coming back (though do not expect that to be anytime soon). But for now, The Red Stater will remain without updates.

Remain strong Virginia. Things may look down now, but life is filled with ups and downs, and I am sure that Virginia will one day again be the Red State I know it to be.


June 04, 2007

SST is Back

Sic Semper Tyrannis has returned after 14 months of downtime. I guess Addison and Lighthorse Harry could not stay away forever. And this time, they've brought along a few others, including SWxSE, Norm Leahy, and Mason Conservative, not to mention a new site. This is good news for the Virginia blogosphere, as SST was always a reliable source, and the contributors are of the highest caliber. Welcome back SST, this is a good day in Virginia.