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May 18, 2007

Iraq is Vietnam?

Not if you look at the numbers.
It is interesting to note that, more or less, U.S. deaths in Iraq have been consistent from month-to-month. Vietnam peaked at this point, and at are far higher number than Iraq has. In fact, the two bloodies months in Vietnam produced more deaths than all of Iraq. While I in no way mean to lessen the losses we have suffered, this is at least one more piece of evidence that shows that Iraq is far from a quagmire. Iraq will take time, but so did Germany and Japan, countries where we still retain troops. If we had devoted that time to Vietnam, perhaps they would be on their way out right now too.

However, my real concern with this graph is if we someday find ourselves embroiled in another war on the scale of the World Wars. The military is clearly ready to engage in their duties, but the American people are not ready to get behind them. If we find ourselves having to deal with China in a couple decades, what will happen? Clearly, it is time to stand with the troops and let them finish their job; we can only call Iraq Vietnam when the people, not the soldiers or the government, give up.