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April 25, 2007


I am not happy.

Just a week ago, a gunman at Virginia Tech killed 32 people. So, needless to say, it has become obvious that people should not brandish firearms in public these days (concealed weapons are still a good idea; a student or professor with a concealed firearm could have stopped Cho's rampage). And of all places for students to understand this (outside of Blacksburg), I expected the University of Virginia to be it. Wahoos are intelligent students, and with the shooting hitting so close to home, I figured they would learn a quick lesson.

I was wrong.

Christopher Smith, a student at UVa, decided that now would be a great time to shoot a film for homework that had him roaming around Wilsdorf Hall (which only opened in the past year) with a BB gun. No one was hurt, though reports say that students were hiding and heard guns cocking and threats being yelled.

This disappoints me on so many levels. Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of this recently, and even though no one appears to have been in danger, this was an unnecessary scare.

A night in jail may be just what Smith needs to learn his lesson.