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April 19, 2007

Still more on VT

- No video games were found in the shooter's dorm. We'll see if people stop blaming them for this tragedy.

- Leslie Carbone does not doubt that the shooting was based around leftist notions, and has no qualms in saying so.

- Others posting on the differences that have arised between Virginia Virtucon and Not Larry Sabato:
Black Velvet Bruce Li
Grumpy's Gripes
The Right-Wing Liberal
The Ward View
I will also note that Ben at Not Larry Sabato claimed he was going to post a list of all the blogs that link to Virginia Virtucon after removing them from his blogroll. He hasn't done so yet, though I imagine he must feel a little conflicted since everyone in the ODBA includes Virginia Virtucon by default and by rule, even as the ODBA is overwhelmingly in favor of VV at this time.

- In related news, G4, a computer and gaming cable television network, received a bomb threat yesterday and their building was evacuated. Unfortunately, the actions of Cho Seung-Hui does not just appear to have enboldened people like this, but has also left us in fear anytime a threat has been made. This is getting very worrisome. Is this how we are going to react anytime a threat is made from now on?

UPDATE 11:30 AM: Greyhawk has his thoughts. He reminds us that those at VT were not children, even if they still were very innocent, wonders why Cho was able to kill so many with little resistance, and honors one exception to that in Liviu Librescu.

Liviu, in particular, deserves attention, as he survived the Holocaust and stood against communism. Indeed, if it were not for the fact that he was shot while allowing his students to escape, this would be the saddest of deaths. Instead, Liviu will (though still sadly) be remembered as a true hero. I encourage everyone to write their representatives and nominate Liviu Librescu posthumously for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He has redefined the word "hero".

And Doug reminds us why the media is not to be trusted; they demonize Don Imus while giving Cho Seung-Hui all the attention he was hoping for.