August 28, 2007

Response to Joe Stanley

Seeing as Ben now thinks my comments register as spam (guess you're having a hard time with the criticism, eh Ben?), I am forced to post this response to Joe Stanley to my blog.

(UPDATE - Apparently, Ben was only banning comments that used the acronym NAMBLA in it, but that is no better. He is ignoring the issue.)

Don't get too excited, this is a one time thing.
Thus, Ben and Joe continue to bring down the value of Virginia's blogging community.

Joe Stanley, you suggest that you believe that the ODBA acts like NAMBLA in only believing in their first amendment rights. You could have released an editorial on this, or wrote a guest piece on a blog, but by registering a site that automatically redirects to another, there is no context to your claims. Instead of appearing that this is a political comparison, it looks like the ODBA is trying to promote something it does not. This was vile, despicable, and deceptive, and there is no reason that anyone within the ODBA should spare you any reprieve. I'm sure you are not looking for forgiveness from us, but make no mistake, this will affect many people outside of the ODBA as well, and I imagine that will include Roscoe Reynolds, who will now forever be tied to this incident; perhaps, this will teach you a little something about karma. While I certainly do not believe in karma on a spiritual level, most often, what goes around, comes around.

And Ben, by encouraging Joe's charade, you only make yourself look worse. Why don't you just go back to doing what you originally did with this blog and simply predict the outcomes of upcoming elections? This blog might actually be worth the server space it takes up then.