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May 02, 2005

Another new link and more on the accusation of Jerry Kilgore's sexuality

New links may be added on a regular basis for a while, as
1) I am reading more blogs regularly, and as I feel that some of them are good, I will accordingly add them to my links list, and
2) Other's will add me to their blog lists, where I will either add a blog to the allies list or move it there from the links list (sometimes, this may not be immediate as I won't always know when I'm added to someone else's blog list). This may be altered over time, if I find blogs of different political affiliations adding me to their link lists; in that case, I may set aside a new set of links on the sidebar.

That said, I have found a new ally, in Norman of One Man's Trash. A fellow Virginian, his blog looks good. I would suggest as a first read this post from his site. It is an excellent post, covering the complaints over Jerry Kilgore's complaints about Tim Kaine and the Democrats implying that Kilgore is gay. I have said before, myself, that I think Kilgore is using this topic properly, trying to show that many of the Democrats who get angered over stereotypes perpetuated against the left do not react the same way towards the stereotypes that are pointed out on the right.

Of particular interest are comments made by Waldo Jaquith. If you are unfamiliar with him, he is liberal blogger who failed at two attempts to be elected to the Charlottesville City Council. On Norman's blog, Jaquith stated
Try as I might, I still haven't found anybody making fun of Kilgore's southern accent, Kaine supporter or otherwise.

(he refers to Kilgore's Southern accent that, to some, sounds effeminate, and has helped perpetuate the stereotype that Kilgore is a homosexual). Interestingly enough, Norman did some research into this subject, hoping to find some people who have. At MyDD, he found a post covering it, from December, and Mr. Jaquith, interestingly enough, posted to it. It gets less believable when it can be seen that Jaquith commented directly about it, and there is no dodging the bullet for Jaquith when it becomes obvious that he even stated the following.
People hearing him speak for the first time are often shocked, to the point at which they don't even pay attention to what he's saying, because it seems so very obvious that he's a gay man. I can't say whether he's gay or not, but I can say that he exhibits all of the stereotypical traits of an effeminate gay man, and that will not play well in Virginia.

Perhaps Jaquith just doesn't consider himself "anybody".